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Selasa, 10 November 2009

i am......

Reaction love like fire
If you close
You will get hurt
But if you are friends with me
You and I live side by side
But why do you still want to close
I like thorns
desire to protect yourself
But even more hurt
I was like a steam
No fixed
And moved
But why do you still expect me
Sorry can not anymore
Fault has a lot to you
I was wrong
Hina I am in your eyes
But why
Still you carve beautiful memories in your mind
Why do not you just throw me this
Scold me
hate me
Until I am satisfied
And no longer as current load
Expenses .......
This burden for me
Own good time for me this is a burden

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  1. pliez..........
    ngerti.in akuw yach........


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